This year’s Guernsey Finance Industry Update will give attendees the opportunity to see how the promotional agency for the finance sector represents industry – and works together as a team.

Titled ‘Facilitation and Collaboration’ the update will cover a range of topics on its operations, both internally and externally. It will also feature updates by the heads of Guernsey’s industry representative bodies – Guernsey Investment & Funds Association, Guernsey Association of Trustees, Guernsey International Insurance Association and Guernsey Association of Pension Providers.

Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Rupert Pleasant said he was keen for the annual event to take a different direction this year and allow those involved in the industry to see at first-hand how the agency works.

“Our staff do terrific work behind the scenes and we felt it was important to highlight how they collaborate to achieve our mission of promoting and connecting Guernsey as a leading finance centre in its chosen markets,” he said.

“Facilitation and Collaboration will encompass not just how we work together as an agency, but also how our stakeholders can arm us with the information we need to do our job. We are the facilitators and industry are the experts – we must always cooperate to share Guernsey’s story. Our industry engagement panel will reflect key areas of this important partnership.”

The Campaigns panel will feature members of staff that are not normally outward spokespeople for the agency as they take delegates behind the scenes of a promotional campaign. Finally, members of the International Business Development team will also give an update about their activities and the trends in their respective regions.

Guernsey Finance’s 2022 Industry Update starts promptly at 8am on Tuesday 29 March at St James Concert & Assembly Hall. For more information, see the event webpage.

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Guernsey Finance

Guernsey Finance - the promotional agency for the island's finance industry internationally - is a joint industry and Government initiative responsible for the promotion of Guernsey. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Dominic Wheatley, the agency ensures that the core values and competencies of Guernsey's finance sector are accepted and respected by the global community and that financial business development flows are enhanced to the island.