Biodiversity, energy transition, and carbon pricing and markets are the three key priorities for Guernsey Finance and Guernsey’s sustainable finance industry according to the Guernsey Green Finance Strategy Report, released today.
The strategy sets out measures and themes with a view to Guernsey maintaining its position as a leading sustainable finance centre, informed by extensive research and stakeholder engagement.
WE ARE GUERNSEY Head of Sustainable Finance Stephanie Glover said: “Guernsey is at the forefront of green and sustainable finance and has earned its place on the global stage as a credible, trustworthy and influential voice.
“Our key themes for 2022 will form the basis of product development, thought leadership and research papers, which will be communicated through our events, podcasts and business development roadshows. As well as supporting international promotion and connection to leading professionals via these themes, we hope they can also be viewed through a local lens, showcasing Guernsey’s full ecosystem of financial services and sustainability.”
The report was developed with the support of Guernsey Green Finance’s industry-driven strategy group, the UN Financial Centres for Sustainability Network, collaboration with key stakeholders across Guernsey and internationally, and discussions at COP26, at which Guernsey Green Finance was present.
It outlines how engaging with these key themes will promote and communicate Guernsey’s sustainable finance priorities and capabilities. The purpose of the strategy is to build on Guernsey’s achievements in the sector so far and demonstrate its position as the leading green financial services provider, innovator of new products and service offerings, and supporter through professional services offering to the green sector.
Guernsey launched the world’s first regulated green fund product, the Guernsey Green Fund, in 2018. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is a member of The Network for Greening the Financial System and the Sustainable Insurance Forum.
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