A new protected cell company has been established in Guernsey.
1Edge PCC Insurance Limited has been incorporated into UK insuretech firm Stubben Edge Group. It is a Commercial Insurance Category III PCC, which means it can write insurance as an unadmitted carrier for commercial retail business in the UK.
Insurance manager WTW was key to the establishment of 1 Edge PCC in Guernsey, assisting from the original idea conception, through the initial planning and forecasting, formation, incorporation and entire regulatory process. WTW will handle the day-to-day management of the PCC including underwriting, regulatory, financial and administrative tasks.
Stubben Edge looked at multiple jurisdictions before opting for Guernsey. CEO Chris Kenning explained that one of the benefits of Guernsey was its ability to create both life and general insurance cells underneath a Guernsey insurer, and the critical mass the island had in ILS was very attractive.
“Stubben Edge wanted a jurisdiction with the PCC option in order to use the cell structure to ringfence certain lines of coverage in the future,” he added. “It was very important for Stubben Edge to operate in a jurisdiction with both the talent pool and culture to help them grow. We also considered it important for the policyholders to whom we are providing insurance, that the jurisdiction in which we operate is well known and highly regulated.
“As such, Guernsey was selected as it has a PCC framework, legislation and an abundance of experience in that area and due to the continued development of Guernsey as an international insurance centre coupled with the vast experience and high standards of supervision, we believed Guernsey would be the perfect partner to help drive future growth and provide customer comfort.”
The Stubben Edge group of companies provides a platform for insurance brokers and regulated intermediaries to distribute insurance. Their technology platform reduces costs to the insurance industry and, ultimately, the consumers of insurance.
1Edge PCC’s integration into Stubben Edge will give clients international access and integrated services. 1Edge PCC will also be able offer protected cell management, providing customers with more options in financial risk management.
The WTW team was led by Director Stephen Wilson, who said: “Utilising the abundance of expertise in Guernsey, WTW have been delighted to assist and guide the incorporation and licensing of 1Edge Insurance PCC Limited and are excited for the future growth and expansion to come.
“The process has allowed WTW and Guernsey to showcase its vast knowledge and experience along with regulator engagement and third party service provider support allowing inventive thinking to help drive an adaptable and innovative approach to insurance and, in particular, insurtech.”
WTW Head of Office in Guernsey Mike Johns added: “1Edge has been purely set up to write third-party business, which is further progression of PCCs in Guernsey, demonstrating our strengths at WTW and the strengths of the island as an international insurance centre.”
They worked with law firm Walkers on the establishment, with BWCI acting as actuaries.
1Edge Non-Executive Director Gavin St Pier said: “1 Edge brings the expertise of Stubben Edge Group and the opportunities of insurtech to Guernsey. We aspire to be a dynamic player in Guernsey, creating an era of new opportunities for insurance on the island.”
At the end of 2021, there were 58 PCC structures in Guernsey, with nearly 300 cells (excluding ILS cells). 2022 marks 25 years since the PCC concept was introduced in Guernsey.

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