Aaron Russell-Davison joined the Guernsey Finance Business Development team towards the end of 2022 as its dedicated representative for the Middle East. Aaron will look to access the areas of the Gulf Corporation Council to highlight Guernsey’s long-held expertise in specialist wealth management and philanthropic structures. In his first Business Development blog for 2023, Aaron talks about his initial weeks in the role.
The Middle East holds many opportunities for Guernsey. There’s a lot of wealth in this part of the world that stands to benefit from Guernsey’s international expertise and robust regulatory framework and I’m excited to be ‘in the field’ helping connect people with our offerings. I’ve no doubt that my experience working with a leading Islamic Bank as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of their Board Integrated Risk Committee will pay dividends in this new role.
I’ve received a very warm welcome so far in my capacity as Guernsey Finance’s Business Development representative for this region. In my first weeks in the role, I have focused on making introductions and it’s clear there is interest in Guernsey and the product offering available.
I’ve attended a number of successful events already, notably STEP Arabia in Abu Dhabi sponsored by Guernsey Finance. We held an exhibition at this event and welcomed attendees to engage with me and our other representatives. This event offered a great opportunity for us to highlight Guernsey’s expertise in private wealth and its long-established tradition of providing specialist services for sophisticated clients and their families.
One of the key elements I see attracting high net worth individuals to use Guernsey’s services in family office is how the island is a world leader in ESG and sustainable finance. The changes that are coming with the next generation of private wealth holders represent significant challenges for administrators. This generation of inheritors are more interested in sustainability, and this is also increasingly the case in the Middle East.
This is just one of the areas where Guernsey can help. It is a world leader in sustainable finance and aims to contribute its expertise and experience to deliver strategic commitments through our dedicated initiative: Sustainable Finance Guernsey (formerly Guernsey Green Finance). The island is also home to the world’s first Natural Capital Fund: a regime that helps channel investment into biodiversity and natural capital projects. I’m excited to promote all of this and provide an avenue for individuals and firms to be connected with the services Guernsey can provide.
Guernsey faces challenges, just like any other international finance centre, but that’s where I, and my colleagues around the world, come in. Through promoting, connecting and strengthening regional relationships, we’re getting the message out about Guernsey’s global status as a safe and secure environment for private wealth.
In the coming weeks and months, I will continue to build new connections, while following up on the ones I’ve made so far. I’m looking forward to spreading the word to prospective clients about how Guernsey is a jurisdiction of substance and stability for private wealth, and I’m also excited to start preparing the groundwork for a Guernsey Finance Roadshow in the coming months.

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