Guernsey is a world-leading and well-regulated international centre for investment fund business, with significant experience and skill within the alternative investments sector.

Proven. Smarter. Faster.

  • Over 50 years’ experience 
  • Excellent reputation – endorsed by international regulators
  • Global reach of markets equating to 80% of global wealth
  • Infrastructure and knowledge to develop esoteric investments


From practitioners to the regulator, Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), the Fund industry in Guernsey has the experience, knowledge and infrastructure, which when combined with internationally compliant laws and regulations has the ability to tackle vanilla products through to the more innovative and esoteric. 

Guernsey is an island of substance. Guernsey’s is widely respected as a centre of excellence for fund administration and this is complemented by the growth of investment management services.

This sector includes subsidiaries of large multinational houses and independent boutiques. Together, these firms deliver the widest range of asset management and stockbroking solutions to both private and corporate clients. There are also a significant number of intermediaries who provide advice on suitable investment vehicles and products.

World-renowned investment management companies repeatedly select Guernsey for the structuring, launch and administration of their funds. When asked why, they cite the high quality legal, accounting, valuation, registrar, company secretarial and audit services. 

Guernsey has a reputation for robust corporate governance and there is an experienced and qualified pool of non-executive directors on the island.

Innovate, substance and expertise

  • The world’s first regulated green fund
  • Proven track-record of launching innovative fund products 
  • Wide range of investment vehicles, including unit trusts, PCCs, ICCs and limited partnerships
  • Robust corporate governance

Guernsey has a history of innovation in the fund space. Decades ago, Guernsey pioneered the umbrella fund and since then the first protected cell companies.

This continues, in 2018 Guernsey showed its pioneering spirit again and launched the flagship green fund.  The green fund provides a kitemark reassuring investors of its green credentials. It demonstrates the island’s position at the forefront of responsible capital raising for the social good.  Accordingly, Guernsey was one of the founding members of the United Nations International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S).

Another recent key innovation resulted from cross-sectoral work between the funds industry and the Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) sub-sector of our insurance industry. This has resulted in the world’s first dual-regulated insurance and fund product whereby a single protected cell company (PCC) can have a number of cells that are funds and others that are insurance transformers.

A Guernsey fund enables managers to reach markets representing 80% of global wealth. Guernsey is at the centre of a network of bilateral agreements that facilitate international capital flows, providing an ideal environment for asset managers to pool capital and enable efficient investment.

The GFSC provides risk-based supervision and is well-regarded by institutional investors from all over the world.

Guernsey’s offering in the investment funds field is boosted further by the presence of The International Stock Exchange (TISE). TISE provides a responsive and innovative listing facility for investment vehicles, including open and closed ended funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). TISE offers a regulated marketplace for capital to be raised from international investors in a convenient and cost-effective manner.